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Loan me 50 dollars

Lou Costello and Bud Abbott in Newsweek 1940
Abbott and Costello skit – Loan me 50 dollars One of the classic  Abbott and Costello  routines, where Bud Abbott takes advantage of a common math mistake that we all make to fleece his pal, Lou Costello, out of all of his money.  The skit ends with a...
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Two Tens for a Five

Two Tens for a five routine, made famous by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello A classic  Abbott and Costello routine, from their first movie,  One Night in the Tropics, where  Bud Abbott shows that he’s not above running a quick scam on his friend,  Lou Costello, in order to make...
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Vitamin Skit

The Vitamin Skit, with  Abbott and Costello (note: this routine is taken from the  Abbott and Costello radio show) Lou Costello:  Hey Abbott! Bud Abbott: Costello what are you doing skipping around like that? Lou Costello:  Oh you see me skippin’ eh? Its the doctors orders. Bud Abbott:...
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Sandwich and a Cup of Coffee

Abbott and Costello‘s, Turkey Sandwich and Cup of Coffee routine from Keep ‘Em Flying“, 1941. Blackie (Bud Abbott) and Heathcliff (Lou Costello), having been unsuccessful at entering through the gates of the Cal-Aero, Army Air Corps flight training academy, enter the U.S.O. club and approach the lunch counter...
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I bet you that you’re not here

I bet you that you’re not here – Abbott and Costello routine In the movie  The Noose Hangs High, there’s a very funny routine, where Abbott and Costello are being guarded by a gangster — and  Bud Abbott  decides to bet their warden that Bud can prove that...
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Gold Ore

Abbott and Costello skit,  Gold Ore Taken from  Abbott and Costello‘€™s radio show, although they also did the same basic routine in  Lost in Alaska, and in their  TV show  as well.   The basic premise is that Lou Costello’s Uncle has struck gold in Alaska, and Lou...
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Dyeing Routine

A classic Abbott and Costello routine from their radio show – where Bud Abbott is talking about his Uncle Herman who works in a dye factory, and Lou Costello confuses “dyeing” for “dying” — with minimal effort, it could be turned into a gospel ministry skit, at the end...
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Watts and Volts

A classic  Abbott and Costello  routine, in the style of  Who’s on First?, where Bud Abbott tries to explain electricity —  Watts and Volts — only to have Lou Costello think that he’€™s talking about What’s and Votes.   From their movie,  Who Done It?  Interestingly, it was...
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Hertz U Drive

Hertz U Drive routine, originally performed on Abbott and Costello‘s radio program. Bud Abbott: Oh, you can cause more trouble! We were going to the eight-to-the-bar-ranch to ask the Andrews Sisters to appear on our show. And YOU wrecked the car we were going to use! Well, now we’ll have...
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