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Colgate Comedy Hour – Abbott and Costello

Colgate Comedy Hour - Abbott and Costello

Colgate Comedy Hour – Abbott and Costello – The Colgate Comedy Hour was a variety show, with alternating hosts. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello hosted many times, as did Martin & Lewis, Eddie Cantor, etc.

Hosted by Abbott and Costello


Bud and Lou host with guests Evelyn Knight (singer), Hal Le Roy (dancer), Paul Remos and his Toy Boys (specialty act), the Jimmy Ford Four, Art and Mort Havel, Patricia Shea, Valerie de Cadenet, and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.

The boys do their “Hot dog and Mustard” routine. At a carnival midway, Abbott fleeces Costello in their “Shell Game” routine. Lou checks into Dr. Abbott’s sanitarium for needed rest; instead he’s harassed non-stop by a parade of the comically insane.


Abbott & Costello, with guest stars Lon Chaney, Jr., Jarmilla Novotna (opera), Sid Fields, Milton Frome, Gregg Sherwood, Jesse, James and Carnell (dancers), and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.

Bud and Lou recreate some of their most famous skits including “Who’s on First?” and “The Haunted Candle” and do a burlesque on “Carmen.”


Abbott & Costello, with guests Gale Storm, Phil Regan.

The comedy story line had Lou planning to marry Gale.


Abbott & Costello, with guests George Raft, Louis Armstrong, Rosette Shaw, The Pied Pipers, Al Goodman & his Orchestra.

The basic comedy routine has Bud and Lou unwittingly joining the Army, Ala Buck Privates. Louis Armstrong plays and sings “Basin Street Blues.”


Abbott & Costello, with guests Errol Flynn, Rhonda Fleming, Bruce Cabot, Sid Fields, Joe Kirk, The Pied Pipers, cameo appearance by George Raft.

On the way to work on Fleming’s ranch, the boys encounter berserk Flynn doing the classic “Niagra Falls” routine. Lou attempts to milk a cow, which leads to ad libbing and a milk spitting war! Sheriff Lou battles bad guy Flynn in a saloon. Rhonda Fleming performs “Don’t Blame Me” and “I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy.”


Abbott & Costello, with guests Charles Laughton, Isabel Bigley, Johnny Conrad, Sid Fields, Joe Kirk, Milton Frome, Bobby Barber, Jill Kraft, Anita Anton, Alex Fossell, Helen Donaldson, Three Beaus & a Peep, Al Goodman & his Orchestra.

Bud and Lou do burlesque routines with regulars Joe Kirk, Sidney Fields, and Bobby Barber ( famous ice cream cart, handkerchief routines). Charles Laughton reads “The Gettysburg Address.” They promote their then-new movie, Jack and the Beanstalk.


Abbott and Costello with guests Vera Zorina, Tony Bavaar, The Ashtons, Monique Van Vooren, “Sport” Morgan, Sid Fields, Gemze de Lappe, Joe Kirk, Bobby Barber, Jean Cleveland, Charlie Bollinder, Three Beaus & a Peep, Al Goodman & his Orchestra.

Bud takes Lou to France for singing lessons. There, they do a “Baccigalupe” routine.


Abbott & Costello, with guests Lizabeth Scott, Gisele Mackenzie, Bobby Barber, Milt Bronson, Dudley Dickerson, Sid Fields, The Four Pipers and Al Goodman.

Abbott & Costello ride a train to Broadway from Hollywood with Lizabeth Scott to appear in her new play. On the way, Gisele McKenzie sings “Just One of Those Things.” The Dassies perform a dazzling comedy acrobatic act. Gisele MacKenzie sings Cole Porter’s “Just One of Those Things” and “Because You’re Mine.”


Abbott and Costello Christmas Show – Buster Shaver and Olive (dancers), Tom and Jerry (acrobats), Nicholas Brothers (dancers), Al Goodman, The Four Pipers (singers), Sid Fields.


Abbott & Costello, with guests Victor Borge, Allan Jones, Gisele MacKenzie, The Four Pipers.

Abbott & Costello host a mock Inaugural Ball for new President Eisenhower, including a hilarious recital by Victor Borge sending up outgoing President Truman. Gisele McKenzie sings.


100th episode celebration with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Abbott & Costello, Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Donald O’Connor


Abbott & Costello, with guests Hoagy Carmichael, Teresa Brewer, Amin Brothers (acrobats), Sid Fields, The Four Pipers and Al Goodman Orchestra.


Bud Abbot hosts, with guests Peggy Lee, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; actor Jimmy Thompson; dancers Pat Horn and Gene Nelson; The Pied Pipers; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.

Peggy Lee performs “Baubles, Bangles and Beads“. Nelson performs a dance titled “Off Center”.

‘Because Lou’ Costello fell ill prior to the program, Bud Abbott hosted the show solo. Film clips from previous appearances were shown to fill in the current episode’s gaps.

2/21/1954 – Abbott and Costello Meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Gene Wesson hosts with guests Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, skater Sonja Henie, comic/singer Keefe Brasselle, with Carolyn Jones, Joyce Jameson, Michael Ross, Will J. White, Jud Conlon Singers, Norman Abbott, Glen Stangle, and announcer Hal Sawyer.

  • Wesson and Brasselle perform dueling impressions
  • a sketch depicts a mob-run coffee shop
  • Abbott and Costello encounter the Frankenstein Monster and the Gill Man in the Universal Studios’ prop room


Hosted by Abbott & Costello. With guests Les Paul, Mary Ford, Janik & Arnaut, Fred Darian. 

  • At one point during a ‘Lou Costello’ sequence, a prop vase shatters far too early in the sketch. Lou calls for a replacement, which is brought out by Bud Abbott.
  • During a later sketch, a cake is supposed to land be knocked onto the face of the actress playing ‘Lou Costello”s wife (Veola Vonn). It instead tumbles to the floor, and Lou retrieves it and plants it on her face, saying, “You were supposed to get it, kid.”


Abbott and Costello, with guests Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming, Connie Haines, Beryl Davis, Nestor Paiva, Benny Rubin, Jim Hayward.

Sketches: Magic Routine, Bud and Lou visit the fictional South American country of Bullonia. Where Lou is mistaken for the dictator of the country! And assassination attempts ensue! 


Hosted by Abbott and Costello. With guests Hoagy Carmichael, Peggy Lee, Bill Finegan, Peter Leeds, The Pied Pipers, Eddie Sauter.


Gordon MacRae and Rhonda Fleming co-host. Guests are Abbott and Costello, dancers the Clark Brothers, singer Jana Mason, Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra, and (on film) President Eisenhower.

Abbott is a sergeant to goof-ball soldier Costello

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