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Pardon my Sarong (1942)

Editorial review of Abbot and Costello‘s Pardon My Sarong, courtesy of Amazon.com:

Abbott & Costello travel to the South Seas in this gag-filled exotic comedy. Screwball bus drivers Algy (Abbott) and Wellington (Costello) travel off the course yacht. A hurricane detours the craft to an uncharted island, inhabited by innocent natives and a sinister Dr. Varnoff (Lionel Atwill). Mistaken for a legendary god, Wellington is betrothed to a beautiful native girl (Nan Wynn), in the hilarious “Tree of Truth” scene.

Pardon My Sarong color photo - Lou Costello, Bud Abbott
Pardon My Sarong color photo – Lou Costello, Bud Abbott

Chosen to appease an angry volcano god, Wellington learns the volcano has been rigged by Varnoff and his men who plan to collect the gullible natives’ sacred jewel. Rising to the occasion, Wellington vanquishes the villain with feats of unbelievable athletic agility in this delightful South Seas caper.

Funny movie quotes from Pardon My Sarong

Wellington Pflug, aka Moola (Lou Costello): [after being told he has to go into the temple on top of a volcano, from which no one has ever returned] I’ll go up there into that temple. I’ll face danger.
Algernon ‘Algy’ Shaw (Bud Abbott): I knew you would.
Wellington Pflug, aka Moola (Lou Costello): I don’t care if the boogeyman’s in there.
Algernon ‘Algy’ Shaw (Bud Abbott): Thatta boy.
Wellington Pflug, aka Moola (Lou Costello): There’s only one thing I want you to do.
Algernon ‘Algy’ Shaw (Bud Abbott): What’s that?
Wellington Pflug, aka Moola (Lou Costello): Talk me out of it.

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Pardon My Sarong

Trivia about Abbott and Costello’s Pardon My Sarong:

  • Universal had smash hits with Abbott and Costello’s service comedies. With this film, they tried to duplicate the box office success that Paramount was having with the Bing Crosby-Bob Hope “Road” pictures. The experiment worked and this film exceeded the box office grosses of their service comedies to become Abbott and Costello’s biggest hit to date.
  • This was the second highest grossing film of 1942
  • Originally titled ‘Road to Montezuma’.


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