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Alexander 4444

Lou Costello destroying the phone book in the Alexander 4444 routine
The payphone sketch – Alexander 4444 The payphone sketch, aka Alexander 4444, an old burlesque comedy sketch. From The Abbott and Costello Show episode, Hungry. Bud Abbott wants Lou Costell to call the Fields Employment Agency, to find a job. After Lou clownishly damages the phone book, he...
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A Loan in the bank

From the Abbott and Costello Show episode, Alaska, we get the classic “a loan in the bank” routine, where Bud Abbot wants Lou Costello to get “a loan”, but Lou misinterprets it as “alone”. And then, since the point of the loan is to get money to go...
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Sid Fields takes offense

A very funny bit that Sid Fields did many times, including on their radio show, is to have Sid take offense at something that Lou Costello says. Every time that Lou says anything. It’s a funny routine, provided that doesn’t go on too long. The example below is...
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Alright Piano Routine [Abbott and Costello Show]

Alright Piano Routine – from the Abbott and Costello Show episode, The Music Lovers, where Lou is trying to impress Hillary’s father with his musical ability.  Although he doesn’t have any, with Bud Abbott’s help, and a phonograph record, he tries to fake it!
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Drill Routine

The Drill Routine, as performed by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in the film “Buck Privates“ The also did a reprise of it on TV in The Abbott and Costello Show
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Milking a Cow

Abbott and Costello’s milking a cow routine, done in the movie Ride ’em Cowboy as well as on television in the Abbott and Costello Show episode, The Western Story – Lou misunderstand “udder” vs “other”
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I’ve got twenty, too

I’ve got twenty, two – math clown skit This is a classic Abbott and Costello skit, relying on Lou Costello mistaking the phrase “twenty, too” for the number “twenty-two” — taken from the Abbott and Costello film, Rio Rita, where Bud and Lou are trying to divide forty...
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Abbott and Costello loafing script

A classic Abbott and Costello routine, where Lou Costello misunderstands that by “loafing” — Bud Abbott means that he’s making loaves of bread in a bakery; not loafing around the house like Costello! Taken from their classic television series, The Abbott and Costello Show.
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Herd of Cows

Herd of Cows – classic Abbott and Costello routine Herd of Cows is a classic example of Abbott and Costello’s word play, where Lou mistakes the word “herd” for “heard” – enjoy! This version comes from the Abbott and Costello Show, The Western Story
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