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Abbott and Costello exercise routine

Lou's struggling with the weights

Abbott and Costello exercise routine – a funny routine, where Bud “helps” Lou to get in better shape with some simple exercises.

Bud Abbott: Starting tomorrow morning, you’re going to got out of bed at five o’ clock, Then at five-ten–

Lou Costello: Back in bed!

Bud Abbott: No, no! At five-ten you jump into an ice-cold shower!

Lou Costello: And I whistle!

Bud Abbott: You don’t whistle!

Bud Abbott: Why?

Lou Costello: There’s no lock on the bathroom door!

Bud Abbott: Pay attention . ‘Ilt five-ton you jump into the showor, Can’t you just foel the iee-cold water running down your back?

Lou Costello: WH000000000 ! WH0000000000 ! IiAfiAHAHAH-‘IHAHAIUH,!

Bud Abbott: Stop that ; Then, at five-twenty —

Lou Costello: Back in bed with a hot water bottle.

Bud Abbott: Listen! At five-twenty you take a bouncing horseback ride! Five-forty —

Lou Costello: Back in bed, face down!

Bud Abbott: Then, at six o1clock, An hour of wrestling; seven o’clock, two hours of handball; nine o’clock, you walk thirty miles with a heavy pack on your back; and twelve to one, you climb a mountain!

Lou Costello: Twelve to one I don’t make it!

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