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The Music Lovers

Bud and Lou at Bacciagalupe's music store in "The Music Lovers"

The Music LoversThe Abbott and Costello Show, season 1

In The Music Lovers, Hillary Brooke’s father has come, to urge Hillary to move back to the farm! He insists she marry someone with musical talent. So Lou Costello takes singing lessons, and tries to pull a con with Bud Abbott’s help.

The Music Lovers – Act I

The Music Lovers begins with Lou Costello having flowers and chocolates for his sweetheart, Hillary Brooke.

Bud Abbott: They’re daisies.
Lou Costello: They’re chrysanthemums.
Bud Abbott: Spell it.
Lou Costello: They’re daisies.

Boarding House

Lou has bought chocolates, as well. Are they good? Of course! He tested them … Leaving only one for Hillary! At the boarding house, they meet a gentleman who’s also looking for Hillary. It’s her father, who wants her to come back home to the farm! There’s a little verbal humor about how well Hillary darns his darned socks, then Bud and Lou try to make an easy $10 with a bet. Since Hillary’s father claims that there’s no sock anywhere in the world like the one Hillary darned for him, they bet there is …. On his other foot! But, the man pulls up his other pants leg — so sock! So, he collects $10 from the “city slickers“, as he goes to try and convince Hillary to move back to the farm.

Next, Lou decides to ask Sid Fields what life on the farm is like. And, Sid gives him a long description about life on the farm. Get up before the crack of dawn, milk the cows, and Zing! It’s time for breakfast. Then plow the back forty acres, more backbreaking labor, and Zing! It’s time for lunch, etc.

Having overheard Hillary’s father, saying that her future husband has to have musical ability, Bud Abbott takes his pal Lou to the famous singing coach, Professor Melonhead. Sid Field’s brother, also played by Sid. It’s a very funny routine, ending with Melonhead showing Lou an old trick, to help with his enunciation. Put pebbles under your tongue, and still try to speak clearly. He doesn’t have any pebbles, but he does have crackers. And ends with him spitting crackers all over poor Lou!


There’s also a bit where Lou has his pal Stinky deliver his flowers to Hillary. And, when the father gives him a tip, he wants half! Later, he checks back — and Stinky’s ready to give him half of his black eye!

The Music Lovers – Act II

But Bud and Lou then hear Hillary’s father say he doesn’t care if Lou can sing …. If he can’t play a musical instrument! So, Bud has another great idea. He and Lou go to Mr. Bacciagalupe’s new music store. There, Bud plans to buy a record of instrumental music. But clumsy Lou breaks several records, and the short-tempered Bacciagalupe breaks one over his head as well!

All Right

This leads into the hilariously funny alright piano routine. Bud hides behind’s Hillary’s piano, with the new record, and Lou will pantomime playing the piano. It’s hilariously funny in multiple ways. Hillary’s father keeps asking for different music — that neither he nor Hillary know. So, Lou keeps “playing” the same piece of music! And, they love it. In fact, Hillary’s father says it’s “all right” — the code phrase for Bud to play the record! So Lou keeps having to dash back to the piano. And then Bud starts falling asleep! Eventually, they’re exposed as frauds. And, an upset Bud pushes Lou into the piano — destroying it!


The Music Lovers is also available to freely watch at Tubi TV.

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