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Alaska - Bud and Lou come across a bank robbery

Alaska [Abbott and Costello Show]

Alaska – The Abbott and Costello Show, season 1 – originally aired January 9, 1953

Alaska – Lou receives word that his uncle has struck gold in Alaska, and the boys plan to join him. But they are delayed by a bank robbery, and then literally get stuck when Lou accidentally adds quick-drying cement to Bud’s foot bath. (Bud sports a mustache for the first time in this episode.)

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Lou Costello pasted in The Paperhangers

The Paper Hangers – Abbott & Costello Show

The Paper Hangers, The Abbott and Costello Show season 2, Episode 27, originally aired November 7, 1953

In The Paper Hangers, while attempting to free it from a tight space, the boys damage Mrs. Bronson’s car. To appease her – and get Bud and Lou to work off their back rent – Mr. Fields has the boys wallpaper her apartment. Later, they become waiters at a tough seafood joint where they get into a brawl.

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