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Abbott and Costello Show

Lou Costello about to give Bud Abbott a massage in Barber Lou

Barber Lou

In Barber Lou, after helping Mrs. Bronson with her amateur benefit show, Bud is exhausted. He asks Lou to give him a relaxing rub down by following the instructions of a radio masseuse. When the broadcast switches over to a commercial for re-painting a car at home, the oblivious Lou follows the directions …

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Contestant #5 shamelessly flirts with Lou - and it works!

Beauty Contest

Beauty ContestThe Abbott and Costello Show, Season 2, episode 24

Synopsis of Beauty Contest

In lieu of rent, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello agree to judge a beauty contest.  A contest that quickly becomes rigged …Read More »Beauty Contest

Hillary Brooke wants a milk shake at the Drug Store

The Drug Store

The Drug StoreAbbott and Costello TV Show – season 1, 1954

Lou Costello and Bud Abbott do the You're 40, she's 10 routine
Lou Costello and Bud Abbott do the You’re 40, she’s 10 routine

The very first episode of The Abbott and Costello Show is The Drug Store. It begins with the classic Jonah and the Whale routine in front of the audience, very well done. Next comes a flurry of Abbott and Costello routines. Walking into their boarding house, Lou is assaulted by a woman. “How dare you remind me of someone I despise?”  And they try to sneak into their room, only to fail. And Lou gets assaulted by the landlord, leading to the “I’d like to see you do that again!” routine.

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