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Ken Niles

Ken Niles

Ken Niles

Ken Niles biography (December 9, 1906 – October 31, 1988)

Ken Niles (1906-1988) was an American radio and television announcer best known for his work in the Golden Age of Radio. He had a distinctive voice and a long and successful career as a radio announcer and personality.

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Knights In Shining Armor - The Abbott and Costello Radio Show

Knights In Shining Armor

Mel Blanc does the voices of Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, an electric organ and …. Gets hiccups when Lou Costello yells at him! Then, Lou wants to play the romantic lead in Merle’s next picture. The cast then does, “The Brave Knight Cut Off The Dragon’s Tail,” or, “The Dragon Isn’t Waggin’ Anymore.” Costello plays, “Sir Porterhouse,” Abbott plays, “Sir Loin.”

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