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Bank Robbery [Abbott and Costello radio show] with Marlene Dietrich

Abbott and Costello radio show - Bank Robbery with Marlene Dietrich - originally aired October 15 1942

Abbott and Costello radio show – Bank Robbery with Marlene Dietrich – originally aired October 15 1942

Lou Costello accidentally gets mixed up in a bank robbery. He then has to apprehend the actual villain, Black Pete! Who’s hiding out in Marlene Dietrich’s saloon?

Opening jokes


Then, Pete Stevens Orchestra with the Camel Quintet perform Abraham from Holiday Inn.

Bank Robbery

After that, Lou Costello walks outside, and meets a bank robber. Being Lou, he doesn’t realize the man’s a bank robber. Or that the bank’s been robbed. But now, he’s an accomplice, wanted by the police!

Abbott and Costello Getting ready for the chase

Lou’s trying to get his courage up for the chase, and worries about the “little fellow” if he gets killed. With a posse, Abbott and Costello are heading to Dead Man Gulch, where they’ll look for Black Pete, the suspect.

Connie Haines and the Camel Quintet sing “Cow Cow Boogie. As a side note, Cow Cow Boogie was written for the Abbott and Costello film, Ride ‘Em Cowboy.

Costello and his posse finally make it to Dead Man Gulch, and head over to the Red Dog Café, where they meet Marlene Dietrich singing. “Boys in the Backroom“.

After some banter with Lou Costello, Marlene Dietrich admits that … she’s Black Pete! And, she took the money from the bank! But … she didn’t steal it. It was her “pin” money. $100,000 in pin money? She has very expensive pins!

She reveals that she keeps the money in her stockings. Which she shows to Bud and Lou:

Lou Costello: What a cute bank! What a place to make a deposit! Marlene, if I give you all my money from the bank, will you put it in your other stocking?
Marlene Dietrich: Certainly.
Bud Abbott: Costello, don’t be an idiot! Your money is safer in the bank! Why do you want to put it in her stocking?
Lou Costello: ‘Cause that’s where it’s gonna draw the most interest!

Next week’s episode: guest star John Garfield

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