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Car Pooling [Abbott and Costello]

Abbott and Costello on car pooling

Abbott and Costello jokes on car pooling – from the Abbott and Costello radio show episode, Bank Robbery

Bud Abbott: What are you doing here in the radio studio dressed in your bathing outfit?
Lou Costello: Well, I spent all day trying to get my car out of the swimming pool.
Bud Abbott: What was it doing there?
Lou Costello: Don’t you read the papers, Abbott? The government says you have to pool your cars!
Bud Abbott: No, you dummy. They mean, share the ride. You have to pick up people.
Lou Costello: I did that yesterday. I picked up Helen, Mary, Rosie, and Josie.
Bud Abbott: But your car holds more than that.
Lou Costello: Yeah, but now they only allow you four gals a week! [Editor’s note: gas rationing was ongoing at this time, with ‘gal’ being the abbreviation for ‘gallons’]

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