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Tom Raymond

Tom Raymond is a professional computer, programmer, and writer, with a love for the classic comedy team of Abbott and Costello

Car Trouble - The Abbott and Costello Show season 2

Car Trouble

Car Trouble – The Abbott and Costello Show season 2, originally aired January 30, 1954 In Car Trouble, Lou wins an Edam automobile in a mail-in… Read More »Car Trouble

Lou Costello trying to eat the 'ladyfingers surprise cake' in "Efficiency Experts"

Efficiency Experts

Bud and Lou land jobs as efficiency experts. They’re assigned to restrain their client’s daughters from spending money. The young women, however, get the boys to buy them expensive dresses and take them to a casino, where they end up in a brawl. And burn down the casino!

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Amnesia - The Abbott and Costello Show season 2


In Amnesia, Lou Costello plans to marry Edna, his lonely-hearts penpal. But his pal Bud Abbott wants to break up the romance. He convinces Lou that he has amnesia and has a friend pose as Edna to make his life miserable.

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Lou Costello in From Bed to Worse

From Bed to Worse

From Bed to Worse – While working in a garden supply store, Bud and Lou learn that a civic group is offering a cash prize for the best backyard garden. The boys decide to enter the competition, but provoke a feud with their next door neighbor in the process.

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The three smugglers in Cheapskates - The Abbott and Costello Show season 2


In Cheapskates, Bud and Lou accidentally purchase a crate of roller skates at an auction. Unbeknownst to them, the skates have diamonds hidden inside of them, and the smugglers behind the scam have moved into the rooming house.

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Buddy Hackett and Harvey Korman

Bud and Lou

Bud and Lou (1978) starring Harvey Korman, Buddy Hackett, Arte Johnson

Bud and Lou is a TV movie. It’s a biography of the famous team of Abbott and Costello, from their initial pairing up to Lou’s death

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