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The Army Story

The Army Story - The Abbott and Costello Show

The Army StoryThe Abbott and Costello Show season 1, originally aired January 23, 1953

In The Army Story, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello join the National Guard, giving them an opportunity to rehash some of their routines from Buck Privates.


Hillary Brooke’s goodbye kiss for Lou

Routines include:

Funny quotes

Bud: Your uncle was in the last war?
Lou: He was right where the bullets were the thickest!
Bud: Where?
Lou: Hiding under the ammunition truck!

Bud: Costello, is this one of your relatives?
Lou: Mine are living!

Corporal Bud: What did you say?
Lou: I was talkin’ to myself.
Corporal Bud: Don’t talk so loud.
Lou: I have to hear what I’m sayin’ … [Bud slaps him]

Cast of characters

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