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Killer’s Wife

Killer's Wife - The Abbott and Costello Show season 2

Killer’s Wife – Prizefighter Killer King (Max Baer) moves into the rooming house and becomes convinced that Lou is fooling around with his wife, Dixie. When Costello accidentally knocks Killer’s sparring partner unconscious, Bud volunteers Lou to take his place.

Killer’s WifeThe Abbott and Costello Show season 2, originally aired December 12, 1953

Killer's wife, Dixie, and Killer King

Killer’s Wife begins with a new couple moving into Sid Fields’ boarding house. Killer King, professional boxer, and his lovely wife Dixie. Killer’s also an insanely jealous man, and he nearly punches out Lou Costello within a minute! He wrongly thinks Lou was paying attention to his wife. Then, the clumsy Lou accidentally hits Killer on the head with a piece of lumber!

Lou Costello in disguise, hiding from Killer King, after trying to help Killer's wife

Lou “bravely” runs away to hide in the park, until Mike the Cop brings him home. Bud Abbott goes out for some sandwiches, leaving Lou in the safety of the apartment. But Dixie has to deal with a burnt-out light bulb, and comes knocking on Lou’s door. She can’t reach, and wants Lou to replace the light bulb. He’s reluctant, until she tells him that Killer’s at the gym, and won’t be home for hours. Of course, Killer comes home early. So Lou runs for his life! He hides in the apartment, but Killer comes looking for him. So Lou improvises a “clever” disguise.

Furniture movers

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello help Killer's wife move the furniture into the apartment

The next day, the King’s furniture has arrived. But the movers left it out in the hall! So Mrs. King sweet talks Bud and Lou into helping carry it into the room. After the normal chaos, Killer comes home early! Lou hides under the cushions of the couch …. And Killer stands on the couch, to hand up the new drapes! But then, he drops a lit cigarette into the couch setting it on fire …. With Lou hiding in it! Killer’s wife puts out the fire with a seltzer bottle — drenching Lou. And the jealous Killer is about to rampage, so Lou jumps out the window! Not to worry, he makes a soft landing on poor Mike the Cop!

Sparring partner

After Lou accidentally knocks out Killer’s sparring partner, Bud cons Lou into taking his place. And so Lou’s doing road work with Killer for two hours! Carried back into the gym, Lou’s legs won’t stop running. So, it’s time for his rubdown — and the ligament burns! Literally, smoking.

Lou Costello and the burning ligament in "Killer's Wife"

While Bud and the others go out to get some sandwiches, Lou’s supposed to work out with the Indian clubs. But one flies and hits Killer’s wife, knocking her unconscious! Adding insult to injury, Lou accidentally rips off her skirt while trying to help — and Killer comes in! He’s going to kill Lou, until in the slapstick fight, Lou manages to knock Killer and the others unconscious! And the episode ends with the recovered Killer’s wife knocking Lou unconscious — “You big bully!”

Cast of characters

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