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A very funny bit that Sid Fields did many times, including on their radio show, is to have Sid take offense at something that Lou Costello says. Every time that Lou says anything. It’s a funny routine, provided that doesn’t go on too long. The example below is from The Abbott and Costello Show episode, The Birthday Party. Sid Fields takes offense

Herd of Cows

Herd of Cows – classic Abbott and Costello routine

Herd of Cows is a classic example of Abbott and Costello’s word play, where Lou mistakes the word “herd” for “heard” – enjoy! This version comes from the Abbott and Costello Show, The Western Story

Lou Costello: Hey, Abbott, isn’t it beautiful country out here?
Bud Abbott: Wonderful.
Lou Costello: Look at all those cows out there. Get that big bunch of cows.
Bud Abbott: Not bunch – herd.
Lou Costello: Huh?
Bud Abbott: Cow herd.
Lou Costello: I beg your pardon?
Bud Abbott: Cow herd.
Lou Costello: Cow heard what?
Bud Abbott: Not herd what – cow herd.
Lou Costello: Cow heard what? I said look at that big bunch of cows out there.
Bud Abbott: Not bunch – herd! Herd of cows!
Lou Costello: Certainly I heard of cows, you dope. Any fool knows a cow when he sees it. That’s a good bunch of cows I said.
Bud Abbott: It’s a herd of cows.
Lou Costello: Yeah, I heard of cows.
Bud Abbott: That’s what they are.
Lou Costello: A bunch of cows?
Bud Abbott: Sure, a bunch is a herd.
Lou Costello: A bunch is a herd?
Bud Abbott: Certainly. What’s the matter?
Lou Costello: Like bananas. Look at that bananas of cows out there.



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