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Uncle Bozzo’s Visit

Uncle Bozzo's Visit - The Abbott and Costello Show, season 2 - Lou Costello in jail with Uncle Bozzo

Uncle Bozzo’s Visit – The Abbott and Costello Show season 2, Episode 28, originally aired November 14, 1953

Uncle Bozzo’s Visit – Lou’s unemployed, opera singing Uncle Bozzo arrives from Italy and wreaks havoc with his booming voice. After a run in with Mike the Cop, the boys and Bozzo get arrested. While in jail, a fellow prisoner recruits them to assist in his escape.

Act I – Uncle Bozzo’s Visit

Confetti - no more bills! Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in "Uncle Bozzo's Visit"

Uncle Bozzo’s Visit begins with Lou Costello clownishly cleaning up the apartment. Soon, Bud Abbott walks in with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Why? Because after winning big on the horses, he’s paid off all of their debts, and even pay Mr. Fields a month’s rent in advance! He even tears up the bills, and throws them into the air like confetti. All over the floor that Lou just finished sweeping! But Bud makes up for it by showing Lou his pocket watch, that Bud redeemed at the pawnshop. Bud even has a small amount left over, and opens a small savings account. But then, Lou’s Uncle Bozzo arrives unexpectedly — from Italy.

Why did it take Uncle Bozzo 10 years to visit? He only just learned to read!

He’s following up on Lou’s invitation to come visit — from a letter Lou sent ten years ago! Why the delay? He only just learned to read! And, he owes the taxi driver $19.60 — wiping out the boys’ savings account. And then, Mr. Fields comes in. He and Uncle Bozzo take an immediate dislike for each other. And, once he learns that Uncle Bozzo is going to stay with Bud and Lou, he raises their rent by $15 per month! And, he takes Lou’s gold watch to pawn, to pay for it! That night, the three men are sharing a single bed — and poor Lou gets pushed out. So, after a clever bit with matches, Uncle Bozzo moves the other way, pushing Bud out, making room for Lou! So, it’s obvious that they need to buy a bed for Uncle Bozzo first thing in the morning. But before then, Uncle Bozzo’s hot water bottle springs a leak, soaking first Lou, and then Bud.

Act II – Uncle Bozzo’s Visit

The next day, the three of them go to Finkle’s department store to buy a bed. But since they’re buying it on a payment plan, delivery’s not included. So, they have to push it home. And that’s when an open manhole gets in the way. Lou falls in, so Bud throws him a rope. Tie it around yourself, and we’ll pull you up! But it ends up around Lou neck, and he’s nearly killed …. Then, a helpful truck drives by, and Bud ties the end of the rope to his bumper, to pull Lou up. So, Lou’s pulled down the street by the rope, where he knocks over Mike the Cop! And Mike arrests Lou, as well as Bud and Uncle Bozzo.

Uncle Bozzo's Visit - The Abbott and Costello Show, season 2 - Lou Costello in jail with Uncle Bozzo

In jail, Bud and Uncle Bozzo are sharing a cell. And Lou is sharing a cell with “Slug” — someone in jail for attempted murder! He hates opera, and he’s driven to attempt murder whenever he hears “O Solo Bio”. So, guess what Uncle Bozzo starts singing! Bud breaks a stool over Uncle Bozzo to get him to stop singing in the nick of time. And Slug intends to make it up to Lou, by bringing him along when he breaks out of the jail that night. And Lou gets him to promise to bring along Bud and Uncle Bozzo as well.

With the unwitting help of the guard, Lou cleverly “delivers” tools to Bud and Uncle Bozzo, so they can make a hole between the two adjoining cells. After a funny bit with Uncle Bozzo’s legs, they attempt the breakout. But Uncle Bozzo chooses that moment to start singing “O Solo Bio”! And Slug tries to kill him, and the jail guard comes running in.

Bud Abbott, Uncle Bozzo, and Lou Costello on the rock pile at the end of "Uncle Bozzo's Visit"

The episode ends with Bud, Lou, and Uncle Bozzo in prison on the rock pile. Where he’s still singing “O Solo Bio”! And not even a rock or a sledgehammer will stop him!

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Comedy Routines

  • Poko Moko (here the trigger is singing “O Solo Mio”

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