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Bank Holdup

Bank Holdup, The Abbott and Costello Show season 2

Bank Holdup, The Abbott and Costello Show season 2 originally aired March 13, 1954

In Bank Holdup, Bud and Lou are hired as armed guards for hoodlums Joe and Lefty Lucas, and unwittingly assist in a bank robbery. They go back later to the same bank to get a loan — unaware that they’re wanted bank robbers! They pay rent with their cut of the money, then attempt to recover the stolen cash from Mr. Fields’ safe.

Bank Holdup Act I

Bank Holdup begins with Lou Costello having a new job, delivering singing telegrams. His first customer is Mike the Cop! Whom he walks out of a sound sleep, and gets thrown out! But, he needs Mike’s signature, so he goes back. Then, following the rule of three, he goes back one more time to wish him a good night’s sleep!

Singing Telegram - but Mike the Cop doesn't want to hear from Lou Costello in "Bank Holdup"

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello being short on rent money — again. So, they try to con their pal Mike to bet $100 on a sure loser at the dog race track – at thirty-to-one odds! But Mike only gives up $2. So, Bud’s trying to find Lou a job, and two men drive by — and offer them each a job that pays $25 per day! All they have to do is act as bodyguards, as the men withdraw large amounts of money from the bank. But what Bud and Lou don’t know is that the two men are actually bank robbers! They arm Bud and Lou with rifles, to intimidate the bank staff, while they rob the bank. And then they leave, so Bud and Lou will get blamed!

Lou Costello and Bud Abbott as "bank guards" in "Bank Holdup"

But Bud and Lou simply get tired of waiting, and they exit the bank, leaving their rifles behind. And, the go home to the boardinghouse. But they still need rent money, so Bud decides that Lou must go back to the bank and take out a loan! And after some coaching from Bud, Lou goes to the teller and demands a “loan” — which the bank tellers take to be another robbery!

Lou Costello goes to get a loan at the bank - but they think it's another holdup!

Bank Holdup Act II

The two bank robbers need a quiet place to hide out, until the heat dies down. Of course, they choose Sid Fields’ boarding house! And Bud and Lou use their money to pay Sid Fields’ rent. The bank robbers do so as well. But a radio announcer tells everyone that the stolen money had special serial numbers, so as soon as its spent, it will be tracked down! So, independently, both Bud & Lou and the crooks need to break into Sid Fields’ safe, and steal their money back!

So, while Sid Fields sleeps, the crooks break into his room, and use dynamite to blow the safe open. But, Bud and Lou also plan to break into the safe. And the crooks hide, while Bud and Lou take the safe to their room. But …

It’s heavy, and they notice the burning fuse! Then Mike the Cop comes in, and Lou hides the safe in a cupboard! Bud and Lou go into their room to hide, and they hear the explosion! Soon after, they — with Sid Fields help — catch the crooks!

Then the police turn up, attracted by the sound of the explosion, take Lefty and his partner into custody, and all ends well.

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