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Car Trouble

Car Trouble - The Abbott and Costello Show season 2

Car TroubleThe Abbott and Costello Show season 2, originally aired January 30, 1954

In Car Trouble, Lou wins an Edam automobile in a mail-in contest, but Bud sells it so they can go to Flint, Michigan and buy a new car. On their trip they encounter Mike the Cop’s twin brother, hobos and an irate sheriff.

Car Trouble – Act I – getting a new car

Car Trouble begins with Lou Costello entering contest after contest, planning to win. He enters one for baby food — that requires him to buy 100 cans of baby food. And open them to get the wrapper. And, hit Bud Abbott with in the face with baby food in the process! But he wins a brand new car — the fictional European Edam! But Lou gets into an accident right away!

Lou Costello hits another car in "Car Trouble"

After some slapstick with trying to pull the car out — and an interaction with Mike the Cop — they’re back at the boarding house, owing money for the accident. So, Bud Abbott has an idea. They’ll sell the car, take the bus to Flint, Michigan — and buy another car! And even have some money left. Which they do. But Lou doesn’t know how to drive the new car, and they go through the dealership’s window!

Bud and Lou drive through the dealership's display window!

Which costs them another $98. And they’re surprised to meet Mike the Cop’s twin brother, who’s also a cop in Flint. After nearly running him down, they’re on the road back to California. Many miles later, they fix a flat tire …. They’re both hungry, and Lou smells … coffee?

Car Trouble – Act II – on the road trip back home

Sure enough, there’s a small group of hobos in the nearby woods, brewing some coffee. Could the boys have some? Only if they have something to contribute to their Mulligan stew. After some joking by Lou not understanding who Mr. Mulligan is, a third hobo arrives …. With a stolen chicken! And shortly after, the Sheriff arrives. With the farmer looking for his prize chicken, Agnes!

By this point, Lou has the chicken hidden under his coat. Bud and Lou try to convince them that the chicken noises that everyone hears is Lou doing bird impersonations. A “hobby” that the Sheriff shares! They almost fool everyone — until Agnes lays an egg! The boys dash for their car, and they’re on the road again. But there’s one more obstacle …

Taking Bud Abbott’s shortcut, they’re blocked by a train that’s having engine trouble. But then Lou has an idea! They’ll take two planks of wood, and drive the car up into an empty train car. Then, do the same on the other side, and they’ll be on their way! Except that, once their car’s in the train car — the train takes off! And the episode ends days later, when the car door’s finally open — back in Flint, Michigan!

Cast of characters in Car Trouble

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