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Who Done It? (1942)

Who Done It? Lou Costello, Bud Abbott

Abbott and Costello’s comedy, Who Done It? A murder mystery set at a radio station, where Bud and Lou tangle with Nazis!

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 In this slapstick comedy thriller,  Bud Abbott and  Lou Costello play would-be radio writers who find themselves involved in a real murder during the recording of a “whodunit” play. Trying to solve the crime,  they are suspected by the police-and targeted by the killer!  A  madcap chase through the radio station  features a riotous encounter with a fitful drinking fountain, a mix-up in a sound recordings library, and a runaway elevator. With a strong supporting cast including Mary Wilkes as a wisecracking secretary and William Bendix as a cop who’s even dumber than Lou,  Who Done It? has been called “one of Abbott and Costello’s best,”  by critic Leonard Maltin.

Comedy routines in Who Done It?

Cast of characters

Funny movie quotes from  Who Done It?  starring Abbott and Costello

Mervin Q. Milgrim (Lou Costello): [nauseous] I gotta go back upstairs and get something …
Chick Larkin (Bud Abbott): What have you gotta get?
Mervin Q. Milgrim (Lou Costello): My stomach …

Col. J.R. Andrews: Mr. Turner, may I remind you that I have a contract for your services, and I intend to exercise it.
Jimmy Turner: You’ll get plenty of exercise trying to find me.

Mervin Q. Milgrim (Lou Costello): Operator! Give me Alexander two two, two two!
Telephone operator: The line is busy!

Customer: What happened to my strawberry sundae?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: What’s today?
Customer: Friday.
Mervin Q. Milgrim: You’ve got two more days to wait.

Mervin Q. Milgrim: I’ve seen better heads on malted milks.

Mervin Q. Milgrim: [Mervin and Chick and performing their radio play for Juliet, Mervin’s holding a gun on Chick] Bang! Ow! Bang! Ow! Bang! Ow!
Juliet Collins: Wait a minute, if you’re shooting at him  [Chick] , then why are you yelling?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: I’m holding the gun backwards!

Chick Larkin: [talking about Juliet Collins] So she has a couple of buck teeth.
Mervin Q. Milgrim: I don’t care how much they cost.

Chick Larkin: [Mervin’s on top of the shelf in a closet] What are you doing up there?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: Looking for clues.
Chick Larkin: Up there?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: Ain’t this the clues closet?

Trivia for  Who Done It?  starring Abbott and Costello

Radio actors

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