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This is your life Lou Costello

This is your life Lou Costello

This is your life Lou Costello – Ralph Edwards famous television program, featuring the life and career of Lou Costello

I stumbled across this TV short, “This is your Life Lou Costello” — and it was very interesting. There were actually several tidbits about Lou that I hadn’t heard before. The entire show is embedded at the bottom of the page, for those who are curious. One of the more touching things was “Goldilocks” — a young girl, in need of life-saving surgery. When Lou read about it, he contacted the hospital and paid for it, helping save the young girl’s life. And a similar story for a young man, who went on to work at the same hospital where his life was saved.

It’s funny, sweet, and bittersweet. It was filmed only two years before his death, although nobody involved knew it at the time, of course. Enjoy!

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