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Keep ‘Em Flying (1941)

Keep 'em Flying - Lou Costello, Bud Abbott

Abbott and Costello in Keep ’em Flying (1941) starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Martha Raye

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello play two carnival workers who join the Army Air Corps with their barnstorming stunt pilot friend. Abbott and Costello swear off women until a beautiful singer joins the USO, which begins a very unusual love triangle. €”Martha Raye plays the part of twin sisters, one shy and demure, and the other outgoing and earthy. This leads to one of their most famous routines, Turkey Sandwich and a Cup of Coffee – hilarious, and one of the high points of the movie.

Funny movie quotes from Abbot and Costello’s Keep ’em Flying:

Bud Abbott: No, you don’t want to drink. Remember, every time you go into a barroom, the Devil goes in with you.
Lou Costello: If he does, he buys his own drink.

Trivia about Abbott and Costello’s Keep ’em Flying:

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