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At the Ranch

The deal of the day falls apart when Lou Costello touches it! in "Las Vegas"

Hiring the Andrew Sisters, aka At the RanchThe Abbott and Costello Radio Program – Lou crashes Ken Niles‘ car, so it’s Hertz U-Drive

Hiring the Andrew Sisters, aka At the Ranch – The Abbott and Costello Radio Program

Broadcast: April 5, 1945
Starring: Lou Costello, Bud Abbott, Andrews Sisters, Connie Haines, Ken Niles, Will Osborne, Camel Cigarettes, Sid FieldsJoe Besser (hotel clerk)

At the Ranch – After crashing Ken Niles’ car – on top on Ken, Mrs. Niles, and a police officer — Bud and Lou have to rent a car. They need to drive out to the “8 to the Bar” ranch to try & hire the Andrews Sisters for their radio show. Their car stalls, but a man charges them $10 to pull them into town. Shenanigans at a hotel. Then, Professor Melonhead tries to sell them on using the very cheap “Andrews Brothers” instead. Which ends with the “brothers” chased out with a seltzer bottle!



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