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Abbott and Costello chase the bank robbers

Abbott and Costello chase the bank robbers – into Deadman Gulch where the cattle rustlers are! From the Abbott and Costello radio show, Bank Robbery

Getting ready for the chase

Bud Abbott: But you can’t do it by yourself! Call a posse, that’s the thing!

Lou Costello: Here, posse, posse, posse!

Bud Abbott: Dead Man Gulch is in the heart of the cattle country. It’s the home of the western bandits, and cattle rustlers.

Lou Costello: Then I’m just the guy, Abbott. I became a three letter man chasing cattle rustlers.

Bud Abbott: Oh, how could you become a three letter man chasing cattle rustlers?

Lou Costello: I sat on a branding iron!

Bud Abbott: Did that cause you to catch the rustlers?

Lou Costello: Catch ’em? I passed ’em!

Bud Abbott: But this is going to be a long trip. Now, you’ll have to get an outfit. What are you going to wear?

Lou Costello: I’ll wear a ten gallon hat, a tan shirt, a leather belt, and a blood hound.

Bud Abbott: What pants?

Lou Costello: The blood hound.

Costello loves his horse

Bud Abbott: Never mind the outfit. Another thing you’ll need is a horse. Have you got a horse?

Lou Costello: Have I got a horse? I’ve got a horse — and he’s my pal.

Bud Abbott: That’s swell.

Lou Costello: I eat with my horse.

Bud Abbott: That’s wonderful.

Lou Costello: I drink with my horse. I even sleep with my horse!

Bud Abbott: You sleep with your orse?

Lou Costello: I gotta — it’s his blanket!

Bud Abbott: Now tell me – can you ride a horse?

Lou Costello: Sure I can ride a horse. One time, Abbott, I rode two horses at once, standing up. I had my right foot on one horse, my left foot on the other horse. All of a sudden we came to a fork in the road. Each horse went in a different direction.

Bud Abbott: That was a laugh.

Lou Costello: Yeah, I thought I’d split!


Tom Raymond is a professional computer, programmer, and writer, with a love for the classic comedy team of Abbott and Costello

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