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The Politician

The Politician (1953) – The Abbott and Costello Show, season 1

The Politician. After a councilman gets Lou out of trouble, Bud Abbott decides that Lou Costello should run for public office.

The Politician – After Bud and Mike the Cop feud over Hillary Brooke, they “settle” it with a scheme. They pretend to shoot each other outside of Hillary’s apartment, Hillary runs out …. And embraces Lou! Mr. Fields runs by, and blames Lou for the damage to his floor from the bullets! And, Lou has to pay for it!

Bud schemes to take a photograph of Mr. Fields beating up Lou so the boys can sue the landlord. However, when Lou antagonizes Sid Fields, and gets slapped for it, Bud declares that’s not enough! So, Lou has to do it again. Getting beaten up this time. But, Bud’s distracted, talking to a pretty girl! So, the third time’s the charm!! So, Lou antagonizes Sid again, and this time, Bud actually tries to take a photograph. But, there’s no film in the camera!

After a councilman gets Lou out of trouble, Bud decides Costello should run for public office. It’s a funny idea, especially when Bud “practices” with Lou. He pretends to be a mother pushing a baby in a cart. The baby is Lou’s chimp, Bingo! And when Bud asks Bingo what he thinks of Lou’s chance, Bingo blows a raspberry!

Later, Lou Costello delivers a speech in the park. He can’t answer an intelligent question asked by Hillary, or respond to the hecklers in the audience. It’s a funny routine, as Lou keeps trying to give the only speech he knows — the Gettysburg Address — but he’s perpetually interrupted.

But the bigger trouble comes afterwards. Lou causes a disruption when he gives away his shoes, coat, shirt, tie and pants to various needy young women in the crowd. Good thing Mike the Cop arrives to arrest him before he’s naked!

Vote for Costello! Good thing Mike the Cop arrests Lou before he gives away anything else!


Funny quotes

Bud Abbott: This boy doesn’t put himself with any party.
Lou Costello: That’s right!
Bud Abbott: Is he Republican? No! Is he a Democrat? No! He’s in between the two.
Audience Member: [shouting] He sure is. He eats like an elephant and thinks like a jackass!

The Politician can be watched on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV

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