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Teller in the Bank

Teller in the Bank –  From the Abbott and Costello radio show, “Marilyn Learns to Drive” – Bud tells Lou what position his brother has in his job at the bank. A joke in the same vein as their classic “Who’s on First?” routine

Lou Costello: Can you recommend anybody to help me with my taxes?
Bud Abbott: Sure, my brother can help you.   He works in the bank.
Lou Costello: Oh, sure, my mother wanted me to ask you what he does in the bank?
Bud Abbott: Teller.
Lou Costello: As soon as you tell me.
Bud Abbott: Teller in the bank.
Lou Costello: Tell’er in the bank?   How can I tell ‘er in the bank when you won’t tell me!

Editor’s note: This episode also features their classic  Hertz U-Drive  routine.



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