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Lou Costello plays it straight

TV Guide - Lou Costello plays it straight
originally published in TV Guide (November 1-7, 1958) LOU COSTELLO PLAYS IT STRAIGHT Veteran Comic Goes Dramatic in Television Western By Dan Jenkins Lou Costello, the short, rotund , butt-end of one of the entertainment world’s longest running (22 years) comedy teams,  Is working as a single these...
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Is Lou Costello on the level?

Lou Costello Jr. Youth Foundation
Originally published in Radio and Television Mirror,  July 1948 Is Lou Costello on the level? Is Lou’s Foundation run from the heart … or for the publicity? The answer is in the facts, and here they are
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The Navy Gets a Laugh Ration

Movie Life   (June 1943) The Navy Gets a Laugh Ration VOTED KINGS  of the box-office for 1942, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello prove themselves Princes of Good Fellows  by clowning till it hurt. Costello went  into the hospital after seven weeks.
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The Care and Feeding of Abbott & Costello

Betty and Bud Abbott eating
Originally published in “Twenty Complete Stories – New Players and Old Hollywood” June 1942 The Care and Feeding of Abbott & Costello Life is smooth for Abbott and Costello. Professionally they’re sitting on top of the world and domestically they’re in the hands of two super-efficient housewives -€“...
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The Feud of Abbott and Costello

Lou Costello and Bud Abbott in Newsweek 1940
(originally published in TV Forecast and Guide, March 7, 1953)  One of the worst kept secrets in show business a few years back was the backstage feuding of the top comedy team of Abbott and Costello. It seemed hard to believe that the finely balanced pair could be...
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Introduction to Abbott and Costello

Lou Costello and Bud Abbott getting soaked in The Buzzing Bee, aka. Busy Bee
Introduction to  Abbott and Costello, one of the greatest comedy teams of all time Abbott and Costello  was a legendary comedy team, consisting of  Bud Abbott, the tall, thin straight man, and  Lou Costello, the short, pudgy comic. They were famous for their rapid-fire verbal exchanges, and Costello’s...
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Bud Abbott: the man everyone forgot!

Bud Abbott: the man everyone forgot (originally published in Screen Stories, June 1960) Gray-haired Bud Abbott stared bleakly out of his breakfast-room window, at the brown, untended lawn and grounds of his Encino, California home. Although it was past noon, he still wore his bedroom slippers, pajamas and...
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My cure for sorrow, by Lou Costello

(originally published in Journal of Living, January 1954) Lou Costello: My Cure For Sorrow, As told to Vivian Cosby A funny man’s prescription for grief that can work for everyone as it has for him. “Why did this have to happen to me?” A few years ago, when...
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